Parish History

St. Thomas More Parish was formed on June 15, 1967 under the pastorship of Fr. J. Guy Lemoine.  Masses were celebrated in the old St. Agnes Chapel, formerly located on Jelks Street in Eunice.  In 1980 a new church was built on LSUE Drive, followed in 1987 by the construction of the Social Hall and Administrative buildings.  The Religious Education Building was built a few years later, opening its doors in 1997.

Today, St. Thomas More Parish serves almost 1000 families in the Eunice area.  While the numbers of families and buildings have grown, one tradition has stayed the same.  One of the earliest parish-wide activities was an annual "Church Bazaar" held under the mature trees on the grounds of the little chapel.  Since then, the parishioners of St. Thomas More have gathered each fall to enjoy the blessings of their parish and open its hospitality to the surrounding community.  Today, St. Thomas More's "Fall Festival" is held each year on the last full weekend of September on the parish grounds located on the corner of LSU-E Drive and Sittig Road.