Confirmation is offered for students in the 11th grade.  

Apostolic hours are required of the Confirmandi and usually consist of helping out at the parish's annual fundraiser and Ladies Altar Society Bingo to benefit the parish.  A mandatory retreat is required.

Classes are one day a week, usually between 1-1/2 to 2 hours beginning in August and ending with the Sacrament of Confirmation in February.

mandatory registration meeting for all Confirmation students and their parents/guardians is usually held in August in the Social Hall.  The date for this meeting will be posted on our Calendar and in our Bulletin.  All Confirmation students (and parents/guardians) are required  to attend this registration meeting.  Registration fees are $120.00 and are collected at this meeting.  

For more detailed information regarding date/time of Confirmation Mass, etc., please call Yolanda Thibodeaux, DRE, at 337-457-8107, x3.

NOTE:  If the student was not baptized in this Parish, nor made his/her First Communion in this Parish, a copy of both documents are necessary prior to receiving this sacrament.